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    We live in our country states that a significant impact of terrorism is one of the greatest threats the world faces. In our country, one of the most important issues prominent on the agenda of terrorism for a long period of time, still continues threatening and subversive to the overall security as a factor of the effect.As is well known, our country, socio-economic and political issues, there is a lot to cope with terrorism since the 1950s.The 1960s until the 1980s, after the 1980s, Turkish, Kurdish, anti-and, finally, the secular-secular regime it is necessary to change any of the words to each other, it divides our people. First of all, all these events of our country's political, economic, and culture in the era can be obtained at the point the jump was great.
    There are many causes of terrorism in Peru. Our country's economic and socio-cultural factors, regional characteristics, is located within this broad spectrum many factors. Powers to take over the world, especially called self-sufficient and doesn't want a strong country. When this happens with external support, terrorist events, on the one hand, on the one hand, behavior, cultural diversity, a change in social values, our sovereignty, territorial integrity and the attack on our rights, the liquidation of the company, deviation, intrinsic factors, such as the disconnect between the generations was correlated with.
    Over the years, our security forces have to deal with terrorism. As a result, today it can be said that we have a serious knowledge of these struggles. But this is systematic and it is not enough to be accepted as scientific knowledge. New facts about terrorism with the accumulation of personal savings remain. Turkey's present and future this information will be used in the pool so far encountered.
    Security forces; the systematic development of terrorist organizations, strategy, and tactics to save the procedures to be followed must be fully informed about the tactics of war, and they want to be established Intelligence networks and terrorist organizations domestically and abroad, should be taken under strict control. Clearly the powers of the security forces who are fighting terrorism should be defined.
    Yesterday and today, in our country, not only to combat terrorism, in light of the scientific data held by security forces, a struggle, the struggle "terrorism" and "terrorist" is perceived as. So instead, the militants continued to survive, and lost increased with each new terrorist militants.
    Security forces will not be sufficient, in order to be successful in the fight against terrorism, just to measure your job is open. Just because terror is not a security issue. At the same time, economic, social, cultural and political. Therefore, all the institutions in the fight against terrorism is a common way of speaking in this regard are obliged to perform their duties optimally.
    Target terrorism terrorist organizations in mind to be youth, to fight for removal needs to be done. When things started to get a conscience, sense of logic, search dominates, and the most effective age dynamism was feeling during this time learn how to get rid of the authority. Also plans to build on the characteristics of the new generation of terrorist organizations. Information, due to a lack of scientific ideas, instead of political debates, to meet with the sympathy of the LED light and the Left-Right, progressive-reactionary movements in that country, this difference is the emergence of protection agencies. Education is the only cure to prevent all these harmful results. National goals within the framework of their own interests and peace young people with a history of farming to be followed in accordance with national education policy, national unity and integrity needs to be understood in the best way. Sturdy and strong community, is directly proportional to the education offered to young people. Education; students only information, description, spiritual training should be given at the same time. Mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy generations, however, the interests of the state and you will be able to be digested with the youth of the target country. In this way, the ideology of terrorist organizations will not be able to indicator illegal young.

    Only the realization of all this it would be wrong to expect from the government. In this sense, the press, universities, etc. organizations remained. Terrorism, armed struggle against the authorities and it is the work of the security forces. However, all the Turkish people, anti-terrorism, it is the duty of including cultural separatism. Large gaps in the cultural struggle of the task as a necessity today. If you understand the bass, the terrorist organizations, if not even existing infrastructure for terrorism and terror haunted again.
    The state's East and Southeast with the people who live in terror show is another effective way to combat terrorism, other regions less advanced people. In this case, through support initiatives in this area, either in person or by his own hand, the increase of government investment, unemployment, the region's infrastructure for water and electricity entirely true, the need to bring a solution to the problem.
    In short, it erodes a little more every day to the problem of terrorism in our country, political and Economic, in the sense that it's not a fumble, a moment ago, solution generation, in the light of scientific data must be started. Additionally, terrorism, our security forces, all the struggle to succeed in both formal and informal, non-governmental organizations are obliged to perform their duties optimally in this regard.
    Population in terms of clarity and especially the responsibilities of institutions private TV TRT members must be in the right direction. For what they are doing to bring other democratic countries against terrorism and terrorist events, If there are limitations on how much we can do if we want the same thing for edits. In order news, it's extremely encouraging terrorism and terrorist to be incorrect. Sometimes terrorists can be unwanted advertising. The State may have an incentive to negotiate with the PKK for almost a semester, and at the beginning of the video is written and written on this subject. Later, the horrors of the terrorist organization outer support organization, was attempted to be taken in the process of politicization doesn't work crossed. The left made vague references to the members of the terrorist organization, also the properties themselves on a human delusion that a team has been accepted for the members of the organization.

    Turkey, history and geopolitical position, a young population with the potential of becoming a leading country in the region, ready is the envy of the whole world. That in the coming years, our country's political, economic, educational, cultural, 21 solve problems as quickly as possible we believe. century country is going to be a star.m país.
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