-New Or improved architectural theories and methods to develop,
-Construction To check the area to exchange ideas with customers and advise on other aspects of the model construction,
To the design of -Bina to prepare detailed drawings and plans for their construction and rehabilitation, as well as style, cost, timing, compliance with instructions, etc. considerations in making the necessary connections to ensure the conformity of the projects;
-Bina To determine the best solutions for problems regarding function and quality of interior spaces and work, as well as making necessary designs, drawings and plans,
Supervise construction to ensure compliance with -Talimat;
To plan and coordinate the development of -Urbanization area,
Parks, schools, institutions, airports, highways and related projects for commercial, industrial and plan for the development of land for residential areas and make the design,
-activity And the path to security and to plan a route for traffic and control, as well as advising on these issues,
-Other Maintaining technical liaison and consultations with the relevant experts,
-Scientific Article and to prepare reports.