Application Deadline:
OSYS references, written after the release of the relevant guideline and
between the date of application advertised through visual media
and 2016 is being done-the ygs references, dates 06-20 January 2016
between will be made.

*Disabled applicants applicants with their status, existing health problems
with reference to the Committee within the period of current health ösym
by declaring may request to take the exam in a special exam room for themselves

During the application period applicants a first reference Center or
go to the exam Coordinator
(the last class of high school reading
reference Centre for registered with the Directorate of high school education.)
personal information and inform their preferences and where they want to take the exam
then, you must complete the application process by paying the test fee.

a) Where I'll do my application:
*Formal continuing education at a secondary institution last
at the class level candidates; their application in their schools
will be able to do. School's own application centre for non-candidates
the school director reference, which is determined by osym
the center will be redirected,
*Other candidates (OSYM Operations in the system open high school students Candidate
a current photo which do not have the information or training/existing training
candidates with the change in information); references osym exam
Both offices identified by reference or sspc
will be in the center.

b) a reference will be:
On the date of the application the addresses of two reference centers
[Linkleri Görebilmek İçin Üye Olmanız Gerekmektedir. Üye Olmak İçin Tıklayın...]
the internet address is located at.

Exam Fee:
Examination fee, one of the banks specified on the last page of the manual
osym Internet page or on the “payments” from the field
credit card/debit card during the application period will be credited.

With a password provided to each candidate during the application process. This password is the candidate himself
specific. After application, the candidate operations system (https:// by entering this password only known to himself and
should be replaced with a password that you will share it with someone else.
Candidates with any operations SSPC ID number, and the
password on is performed because of a particular cipher this to you
note that can be used by others for evil purposes.

Reference Post:
After your application process is complete, the candidate operations System
by entering your information definitely check. Missing or to be replaced
made this change to be system and you have the information you need
if this is allowed by the change you can make.

Educational Information Changes;
If you are a senior; deadline for application change process
from school in your own MONE e-school available in the system
make sure your information is updated.
The year of 2008, including a post-graduate student;if you are
from your own school or district directorates of education within the reference period
contacting the Mone e-school system guncelletmen your current information
are required.2007, and pre-graduate candidates with MONE e-school education information
high school students are found not open;
within the reference period
the exam of osym on the basis of the approved official document change both offices
or reference any of the centres as determined by ÖSYM
someone change/correction process, they can do it.

source: osym