YDS I'm applying for the spring semester. But my input document, mail or e-mail as I was not allowed to take the examination. Can I use my investment to quiz other exam fees?
Mail or entry documents primarily as an e-mail is sent. Candidates entrance exam ID Documents/numbers and passwords with Osym U Y.
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. Starting from 10 days before the date of the examination acquire the internet address. Exam exam fee applies to your investment. Another exam-transferrable, non-Refundable.

YDS also wrongs don't make a right. How we do the calculation in the language of the kpss, for instance P49 Score of the language affects up to 10% 60 points from YDS if I buy this 10% you will score. Using or where they went wrong, are you?

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refer to the evaluation of computational grid points from the respective portion of the address.

I get into my fall semester yds kpss Score is calculated ?
Candidates with relevant kpss obtained before German, French or English of the highest foreign language exam (yds) result is used. Kpss to be obtained after the foreign language exam (yds) foreign language exam results in the calculation of the weight of the next that contains the scores are taken into consideration.

YDS I couldn't get to because of my health problems, there is no compensation for the exam?
Do not qualify for the makeup exam. You can apply for the next exam.

YDS kpss test, which is effective for the calculation of the score outside of the area?
Foreign language exam scores in the calculation of the weight of the kpss yds except any containing is not effective.

YDS is also the wrong answers, the correct answers does it take ?
Alone are taken into consideration during evaluation the right answers and the wrong answers are not taken into account.

If you don't eat, yds, kpss, none of my points be calculated?
No, only the kpss containing foreign language is the inability to calculate the weight scores.

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