I'm going to apply for the exam in the education system ALES my information seems incomplete. How Can I do that.
Education for knowledge of the ales exam requirement. According to the information in the system you can apply. Current reference osym exam Coordinator with a certified copy of any diploma if you want to make.

Ales exam is valid for how many years?
Ales is valid for 3 years from the date the exam results were announced.

Ales exam. My score how is it calculated?
I have 4 tests in ales exam, you must solve at least 3 points at which your type of test if you want to calculate the points according to the account in the manual about the tests you need to do is located.

Ales exam would be a problem I made an application for reading I look?

Applications for education there is no requirement of knowledge of Ales. Does not pose any problem.

source: osym