YGS points of the types of the numeric parts of the dam, Phase I, I crossed the threshold of the type of the other points. LYS I'm going, but in the process of putting my Lys MF Score is calculated?

Yes is calculated. 180 points in the ygs Lys, you are entitled to enter into if it exceeds the threshold. If you have entered the exam session in which the Lys exam, your Score from that test is calculated.

Can I use the first school again next year right?
No, it cannot be used. The first right is valid for one year.

OSYS I've settled on the choice of special conditions of the section height to weight ratio didn't fit in with the conditions sought and, I didn't record my college. I didn't register my score when I took the test that next year I want to keep unbroken. What should I do?
Special condition two preference are explained in detail in the guide, since your score will break if you have school height weight condition.

I placed the selection in preferences, additional preferences I want to choose.
Yes, the choice can be made.

The University also accounting section I'm reading, can I change the partition?
This status should consult with the University. Sspc has nothing to do about College transfer.

In Grad school, do I have the right and license to read osys?
There is a drawback in terms of entering your osym osys. If you win, you can follow a path to college and meet him.

OSYS a part in the choice of won, but I don't want to enroll in. When I took the test for my score to drop again next year?
You are seated in a reserved section if that registration is very helpful, too, if you would make, your score will fall.

Osys I've settled in, I was allowed to register for the University's length terms. Can I settle a child my choice?
Aspect of these special conditions. If you cannot move to a lower Profile is located in the exam guide.

I am a graduate of vocational high school. Rights to be able to read to pass without examination the University, Open Education College, aren't I supposed to get the record done from the Office?No, primarily by making direct reference to two you must not have been placed in a higher education program with the transition.

I can't get the rights to directly pass without examination to enroll in college. I was to choose. Can I get some information regarding this?
Higher education programs and quotas in the grid, the required information is located. Individually SSPC web site (
[Linkleri Görebilmek İçin Üye Olmanız Gerekmektedir. Üye Olmak İçin Tıklayın...]
over) do you prefer.

College with distance education in a chapter I'm reading. I want to transfer. I read the section of the section to be distance education it help?
Do you keep in touch with the College you want to transfer. Horizontal transfer has nothing to do with our institutions. No published regulations within the scope of the transfer of the transaction carried out by the universities.

The Department of Education won a reserved open osys preferences. Does my score drop in additional placements?
A reserved is placed in a distance education program unless an opt-in, you do not have the right to make additional placements.

1990 vocational programme ( student License ) I own. Do I have the right to pass without examination?Certificates cannot be used in place of a diploma course. To pass without examination of vocational high school diploma required.

SSPC, from the directorship of the provincial Examination Center doesn't give two preferred processes for guidance why?
The internet site of OSYM
[Linkleri Görebilmek İçin Üye Olmanız Gerekmektedir. Üye Olmak İçin Tıklayın...]
) guidance (
[Linkleri Görebilmek İçin Üye Olmanız Gerekmektedir. Üye Olmak İçin Tıklayın...]
guidance given from this address.

How to calculate CFP?

Calculating achievement scores from secondary school exam in the guide should be examined.

I'll make a reference to a section that makes you take a aptitude test. At the same time, from the general quota can I choose ?
Yes, you can.

source: osym