YDUS I'll take my expertise in the main branch between the date of application for exam. Can I apply for the exam?
The exam application if you receive yds until the last day of your expertise, you will be entitled to the applicant. However, during the SSPC references if necessary update the grid. The applicants therefore given by announcements published on the main page should be followed.

I took the exam in the main branch ydus my expertise, but my expertise there is no registration document. Can I make a reference to him?
Certificate of expertise, which have been registered by the Ministry of Health (Registration has not been done, but for those who have finished the specialized training to finish my undergraduate education minutes of the exam) or published in the Official Gazette numbered 28983 dated 26.04.2014, hekimligi medical and dental specialty training regulations (TUEY)'s 23, 24, and equivalency certificate issued by the Ministry within the framework of the 25th amendment (photocopies of these documents are also accepted by the original show.) you need to hold card.

I bought 2 side branch for the exam of expertise in YDUS.ci can I A minor?
05.07.2005 date and published in the Official Gazette numbered 25866, Article 5, 5371. additional according to the article, experts, physicians, public service obligations can participate without embarking on or completing expertise training can begin. Article 5 of law 5371.In the additional item"... however, more than one in order to begin his residency training specialization or minor, you may be required to complete the public service obligation." Therefore a quota to be placed on the panel of experts ydus state should not have major service obligations.

source: osym