HZ. ADAM : the first was a agronomist and farmer.

HZ. SID : Hallac, kazaz a, nessac = weavers, weavers, and was the first founder of the nonwovens industry.

HZ. IDRIS : the man who invented the first needle,, bore him, since the thread is undergoing, terzici of - konfeksiyoncu - considered the Patriarch of about the weavers.

HZ. NOAH : marangozcu of - sailors - sailors and was the Patriarch of Barbarossa.

HZ. HUD : Merchant. Considered the Patriarch of all traders.

HZ. SALIH : the version with the camels he used to. Milk and drinks, would ensure both sell it and become nothing. Salih

the camels of the prophet is famous for.

HZ. IBRAHIM : the rebuilding of the Kaaba with the Prophet Solomon (PBUH) and has led to mimar Sinan.

HZ. LUD : the historian. Traveller, he is the ancestor of evliya çelebi.

HZ. ISMAIL : land and sea would provide a living with fishing. Considered the Patriarch of the hunter. 70 language knew. He is the ancestor of the interpreter.

HZ. ISAAC : was the shepherd.

HZ. JACOB : Shepherd.

HZ. JOSEPH : the first time invented, the Qur'an, the soil products Office for the first time, abundance in the time of storage, a prophet who's thinking of handing out to people in times of famine.

HZ. AYYUB : Ziraatci.

HZ. He said : Ziraatci.

HZ. Moses was a shepherd and a servant of the Prophet shuaib has been made upon him.

An elder in one of the professions to serve the Prophet.

HZ. AARON : was the vizier.

HZ. DAVID : Iron handles, Armor making, and the regular army in the Quran

Was a commander's armies who defeated Goliath.

HZ. SOLOMON : the commandments, was the king. Zenbil the reeds. Copper is functioning for the first time.

HZ. Dry : it cooks bread, bakers of the Patriarch.

HZ. ELIJAH : was the Patriarch of weavers and spinners.

HZ. DOLPHIN : to hunt down and fish get along, the Patriarch of the fishermen.

HZ. UZEYIR : the gardener. Public for the first time, raising seedlings of fruit trees, pruning jobs ogreten people.

Involved with bond and he is the ancestor of gardening.

HZ. LUQMAN : he is the ancestor of Medicine and the profession of Pharmacy.

HZ. JESUS : the hunter. With AV equipment would ensure livelihood. A hunter was supposed to be.

HZ. Muhammad(sall-allāhu ' alaihi WA sallam) : the Prophet was a successful army Commander in the army. A caring Father in the family,

among Muslims in the sample, a man, an honest merchant. The Patriarch of good and truth, of evil and wrong in the Retriever.

A guide to all the people of the world, her community made ones in the Hereafter). How happy to those who go the right path....

All of the prophets very serious, useful and necessary jobs, people sample, and leadership have made pirlik.

No prophet worked in secondary jobs. Ornament, paint, accessories, etc they're not busy with,

just saving money, but no use to humanity, the businesses of time to try and have undergone.