Nutrition and Dietetics Program; Knowledge of scientific principles related to food and nutrition, improving health promotion and disease related to work for the implementation of the work aims to train nutritionists. In our age of specialization in particular stood out in this area with negative impact on the nutrition of urban life. Nutrition and Dietetics program; the Faculty LYS score type with a high school student with the SDK is point type.
Personal characteristics

Dietitians who want to be; nature enthusiasts and well-trained in this field of science, patient, able to cooperate with others, no one should be that may affect the import of the opposite opinion.

Courses and Training Times

The training program is four years. During the study; Basic Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Psychology, Sociology, Nutritional Biochemistry, Nutrition Diseases Epidemiology, Personal and Community Health, Family Planning, Community Nutrition, Food Chemistry and Analysis, Maternal and Child Nutrition, Institute of Nutrition, Food Control Management a program of applied courses such as Economics.