Plant Protection Program; plentiful and good quality crops from diseases of plants to obtain and educating manpower to work on protection from weeds, aims to raise awareness and enterprising agricultural industries in terms of agricultural engineers.

Personal characteristics

Those who wish to read the Plant Protection Department, basic science, especially chemistry and zoology and related to success in this area are expected to be persons with scientific curiosity.

Courses and Training Times

The training program is four years. Mathematics, Physics, besides basic science courses such as Chemistry; Meteorology, Agricultural Machinery, Soil Science, Ecology of Insects, Insect Systematics, Plant Protection and Quarantine Organization, the lessons are taught and pests, such as fruit and vineyard applications are built.

Social Status and Titles

Those who graduated from the Plant Protection program "Agricultural Engineer" title is given. agricultural engineer who grew up in the area of Plant Protection Station pesticides in fruit, vegetables, ornamental plants and insects that damage to the grain and improves the method for controlling weeds, plant brightens manufacturers on pests.