Computer Engineering Program; The structure of the computer system, the development and effective use of these systems gives training in the methods, conduct research. In this issue, it aims to educate computer scientists equipped with modern theoretical and practical knowledge.

Personal characteristics

Computer Engineer who want to be; superior academic ability, numbers, and symbols of reasoning power, have the ability to determine the divide process steps to a work item, that reasoning and the ability to design, careful, patient, self must constantly renew heard, the investigator must be people.
Courses and Training Times

The training program is four years. The first two years of teaching time, mainly located in the basic engineering and basic computer science courses. If the next two years, not necessarily to be taken out of the classes on computer engineering, technical orientation with the aim of providing them to the various aspects of the software or hardware issue or computer engineering students elective courses was made.

Social Status and Titles

Undergraduate education to students who are successful at the end of "Computer Engineer" title is given.