The aim of the History of Science Program, the development of science and its related mental activity throughout history, has undergone various stages of scientific development is to train researchers to examine factors affecting development.
Personal characteristics

Research topics, starting from the ancient civilizations of Anatolia dates back to the Ottoman and Republican periods. pieces that make up the infrastructure of scientific activity in this context, scientists place in their society and scientific institutions and the impact of Turkey to the scientific and technical information coming from different cultural, scientific relations between Turkey and Europe are under the spotlight. This research, science, history, philosophy and history of science has grown from different disciplines, it is carried out by a dynamic team.

Courses and Training Times

training program is four years in the history of science. history of science program, the history of mathematics, the first time the history of philosophy, logic, sociology, history, physics, history, history of science courses such as text analysis are taught. Students, ancient Greek, Latin, Arabic and Persian have to learn one of the languages.
Social Status and Titles

Those who wish to study in the program; both the basic science of hearing about the issues related to social sciences, which have a strong memory and ability to think analytically and must be individuals who enjoy scientific studies.