What Is Your Occupation? What Is Not?

Vocational graduate is the name of our chapter?
The experience gained will be employed until they have graduated?
We are studying the section of the work that we do because we couldn't find any job or task?

A vocational career?

The answer to these questions is generally no.

If you need to graduate from a vocational school or vocational high school diploma in college after graduating from high school experiences and professional training we received we have gained in our professional lives, in a way that will make ourselves happy to use format. The relevant after graduating from school, what profession we have to do this job if we are doing process must have practical work experience to be able to say that for him.

For example;
Vocational schools, apprenticeship training is applied in order to gain experience in the process.
The internship process engineering departments are made for this purpose.

However, this may not be enough to say I'm a professional internship experience, such as. Actually go to work and must work under the guidance of a chef or master. Each profession that we need to spend for the duration of professional experience may be different.
For example;
In the fields of medical education 6.in class work as a doctor Intern and may continue their education. Here, the Goal 6. studying in the classroom under the expert guidance of candidates for the doctor of practice of the profession is gained. So, the medical profession, Internet.

Scientific definition:
Profession some training is envisaged to continuously learn and/or provide spiritual satisfaction to him what people did for a living that require no work experience and generally accepted moral rules do not conflict with an activity.