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Legend online | attack power Flex | fast level skipping


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Onursal Üyelik
30 Eki 2012
Tepkime puanı

First fast level jump
The first to jump medal Amphitheatre to level as fast as muscle and join plenty of amp. also take a book and slowly you get big exp level 10 madalyalik.[USE EXP SCROLLS BEFORE BATTLE]

Relax Sg
It Seems That No Matter How Hard Tensing SG, Actually It Is Pretty Straightforward.

The SG Flex Path 1

You And Your Soldiers Force Academy Adds. 20 Can You Check If You Make All The Difference.

The SG Flex Path 2
Equipment Development

Most Of This Equipment Is Safe The Thing Is Very Old, Especially The Sg Gives Much More Epics.
Make Sure All Your Items Reaches Max Level

Can You Check If The Difference Is Very Important If You Press The Right Stone Mosaic.

If It Is One Of The Most Important Treatment To Many People In Here The Removal Of Unnecessary Equipment If Arranged Correctly, Can You Check The Difference.

The Flex Path 3 Sg

Important If You'll Be In One If Your Army Is Strong, Durable

Sg 4 Way To Relax
Satan Crystal

The Devil And Collect The Crystal You Use Them To Strengthen Lvlde 35 Plenty.

More Damage To The Boss.

You Can Earn More Money If You Order Boss Hard To Kill.

If You Want To Shoot The Boss More When He Enters The Battle With The " 1 "Key First So You Will Begin Always At War, You Hold Down The" 1 " Key If You Hold To Make Sure You'll Have Made Faster And More Attack.

T. Mac Amp Win

Do like the above technique, but this time the face of a horse's keyboard blows faster note he's playing a human and not a bot in front of you !

The Most Powerful Character In The Game
Many Of You Are Curious About It, I Must Say The Most Powerful Character In The Game Is Why You Can See The Downside Sorcerer Wizard ? She Jumped Right To LVL The Fastest If The Stones And The Academy, Etc. If It Happens You Can Quickly Jump To LVL And Be Strong.

Many Of You You Say There Is A Way To Earn Diamonds. A Dec After I Had Got Up, Gentlemen.
Type In The Topic Below If You Have More Questions

And Do Not Forget To Fame.


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19 May 2013
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